Restaurant manager
Péter Mesterházy was relatively young when he made the decision to work in the hospitality industry: the youngish team, social life, the constant bustle and the potential for development had first guided him into the life of bars, and then, he became the manager of Flava Kitchen & More, one of the most popular restaurants in the city centre years later.
He had joined the team of the restaurant recalling the atmosphere of a downtown oasis before its opening already, that is why he could actively be involved in the birth of Flava, the development of its concept, the selection of the personnel and the creation of its offers, as well.
“High-end hospitality in a relaxed environment, vibe and quality, a well-developed concept and a team looking for constant development. No more motivating factors are needed to inspire us to become one of the flagships of Budapest gastronomy day by day. To achieve this, the first and most important thing is to make our guests feel truly special in this exclusive environment, and they shall enjoy the experiences offered by Flava upon their arrival already.” (Péter Mesterházy, restaurant manager)
Bar manager
Orsolya Nagy entered the world of hospitality almost by accident, and she has been enchanted by it the same way as her cocktails can fascinate the guests of Flava as a result of the personal development and the great deal of progress she has made.
She joined the team of the downtown restaurant when Flava Kitchen & More was opened. She is motivated by the flourishing and impulsive concept of the place with a terrace, the hospitality mentality as well as the youngish and dynamic team.
“It is always the team, the common approach and the creative attitude being the first for me. Vibe and design are in the second place: as soon as I enter here, I feel at home. The development potential and the possibility to show who I am here are in the third place. For instance, by means of my own cocktail menu representing the taste and concept of Flava. In line with this, I wish to put Flava on the map as one of the favourite destinations of cocktail lovers in Budapest!” (Orsolya Nagy, bar manager