Executive Chef

Chef Imre Varjú joined the Flava Kitchen & More team in 2024. Imre’s gastronomic interests are driven by curiosity and a desire to continuously learn, and his style is characterised by creativity and innovation. He mixes different flavours and textures with a bold and confident sense of style to create new and memorable gastronomic experiences for guests to return for.

Imre’s credo is in perfect harmony with the concept of Flava, as the seasonally changing, fresh and creative menu builds on world cuisine – so the chef can take inspiration from international favourites such as waffles, for example, and serve it with a stir-fried chicken leg fillet that rhymes with a regional classic, with a Far Eastern flavour profile. All with a unique flair.

“Flava is not just a restaurant, it’s a community, so we strive to create dishes that reflect a light, friendly atmosphere. This is reflected in the simplicity and cleanliness of the dishes, while always adding a special twist. In addition, the dishes are often served in a playful way, so our guests can experience a relaxed atmosphere based on quality ingredients and creativity.” Imre Varjú