Always fresh, globalist ingredients from the world’s most popular gastronomic cultures in the Michelin Guide recommended, downtown Budapest restaurant. North African, Latin American and Middle Eastern-inspired delicacies are joined by traditional dishes. The culinary experience can only be enhanced by excellent drinks: good wines, exciting cocktails and champagnes that are the perfect match for a moment of relaxation. Of course, a love of nature, atmospheric music, a captivating environment and a positive atmosphere are essential.
That’s how we dreamed up the recipe for a culinary oasis in Budapest, which we named simply Flava, after the flavours. An exclusive restaurant in the heart of Budapest where not only stories but also conscious gastronomy, elegance and the flavours of the world converge.
Because no matter where and when you enter this particularly familiar metropolitan oasis, you’ll always find what you’re looking for on Flava’s offer: the flavours of the bucket list and the instant piquancy of light-hearted experiences.
Hello Flava lovers!
Flava Beach is opening soon! For the exact opening date and more details, follow us on social media!