2023 was an indeed Flava year!

On New Year’s Eve, we threw a jungle-chic party that we will be talking about for a long time, that’s for sure! There was a champagne shower, glitter, cocktails, and great gourmet dishes lined up all night long.

In the last moments of the year, it was a great feeling to celebrate with you and (not) toast the successful new year ahead with a glass of Ruinart champagne!

We weren’t kidding about good luck, either. Since the consumption of lentil stew on the first day of the New Year is one of the most widespread customs in our country, we also serve it from midnight. Each eye of the tiny lens symbolizes a coin. If you eat lentils on the first day of the new year, your wallet will be complete for the whole year. So we served lots and lots of luck and abundance on all our tables; we hope everyone will have a successful year!

Hello Flava lovers!
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